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Warren Buffett on CNBC: I'd Buy Up 'A Couple Hundred Thousand' Single-Family Homes If I Could

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Predictable Monthly Cash Flow

Welcome to True Wholesale Houses – A vehicle for investors to capitalize on the once in a lifetime opportunity that we are experiencing in the real estate industry – don’t let it pass you by.

• Purchase a note secured by a home
• Receive monthly interest payments during term
• Are repaid ENTIRE original investment

Pittsburgh Real Estate News:

Calling Pittsburgh a "very beautiful city" and the "shale gas center of the United States," a group fro the China Shale Gas Delegation visited southwest PA last week to learn how America unlocks bountiful shale gas in a safe, economical manner. And of course the chose the biggest and best shale play to study: the Marcellus.

True Wholesale Houses News:

• True Wholesale Houses builds their portfolio to over 400 single family units in 2014
• True Wholesale Houses is opening up more and more markets to offer investors low risk passive investments.

What Makes Us Unique? - Hassle Free! - truly!

• The investor is NOT in the home rental or flipping business.
• The investor receives monthly interest payments regardless of home
• The investor is never billed for rehab or for anything else, ever.

“I receive my interest check month after month, am repaid all of my original investment. All without lifting a finger and all without any out of pocket cost except for the original investment”
- Jan, Investor

What is the Interest Received? - 9% Annual Return!

"The investment pays 9% return during the rental phase which lasts 4-5 years.
- Managing Member

NEWS: We have expanded our markets to Include: Pennsylvania

TWH is pleased to announce another expansion into a great area of Pennsylvania: Western PA. The area is experiencing a massive surge in renters due to an increase in energy exploration and extraction in the Marcellus Shale (click here to view our market profiles)
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